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3 ways to combat loneliness at work

clock 3 months ago

This year, the theme of mental health week is ‘loneliness’: a phenomenon frequently experienced by those working in the construction industry.

When we asked members of the On The Tools community to tell us how often they work by themselves or away from home, 1400 (45.32%) told us they were alone more than half of the time, and 1689 (54.68%) told us they were alone less than half of the time.

But just because you’re a lone worker, it doesn’t mean you have to consistently experience loneliness. We reached out to the lone workers of the On The Tools community across Facebook and Instagram to ask them to share their experiences and advice to combat feeling lonely at work. Here are some of our favourites…

Listen to music

When we asked tradespeople of the On The Tools community across Facebook and Instagram to tell us about their coping strategies for when they’re feeling lonely at work, many told us that they found listening to music or the radio to be an extremely useful tool for combating feelings of loneliness at work.

The reasons why music makes such an effective work companion could be that it can instantly lift your mood, serve as a blissful distraction, and it can even give you the impression that someone else is there with you.

Other tradespeople across the On The Tools community told us that they preferred listening to podcasts instead, like our podcast with Toolstation, Mental Health Under Construction. Listening to audiobooks and podcasts instead of music or the radio can give you an opportunity to relax and learn while you work.

Embrace the quiet time

More than half of the time, 54.68% of the On The Tools community across Facebook and Instagram are working with other people, according to our recent social survey. So, times that call for some independent or lone working can be few and far between for many.

Some lone workers told us that during this time, they enjoy embracing the quiet time, being with their thoughts and practising mindfulness.

… Or don’t!

While some tradespeople can feel recharged after spending some time by themselves, others prefer to spend time with other people in order to feel energised.

When the tradespeople of On The Tools are lone working or feeling lonely, and they want to spend some time with another person, many will ring a loved one to have a natter. And when there’s no one else around to talk with on the phone- they get creative!

We talked about loneliness on a recent episode of our live show, Talking Trade. Watch the episode here.

Do you have any suggestions or stories about coping with loneliness at work? Get in touch.

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