Are you sitting on a pile of cash and you don’t know it? Chances are, you might be missing out on a wedge of money that you could spend on all sorts, from new tools to holidays!

Where’s the catch?

That’s what you’re all thinking right? And it’s understandable! How can you be sitting on a goldmine without even knowing it? Well, it’s simple really – from your old machinery.

Recently, a Classic Ford County Tractor sold for a record-breaking £94,500! We don’t want you to be out of pocket because a piece of machinery is knocking around your yard, which is why we’ve teamed up with Auto Trader Farm to take a look into whether you could potentially be missing out on some extra cash.

Get more bang for your buck!

Lots of people leave their old machinery clogging up their yard once they’ve upgraded and no longer need it. What else can you do with it? Well, at the minute, old machinery won’t be just costing you space, it could be costing you quite a bit of money too.

The most expensive piece of used equipment on Auto Trader Farm right now will fetch around £280,000 – which could buy you an average UK house and leave you with enough spare change to buy a brand new Beema too.

Even if you had something a little more average, you could still fetch a good return.

If you were to sell the ‘average’ priced machine on Auto Trader Farm* you could buy:

– Over 3,750 pints (at £4 a pint)
– 1,800 Full English breakfasts (at £8 a breakfast)
– And 215 nights out (at £70 a night out)

However you decide to spend the money, no one can complain about an extra £15,046* in the bank!

“But I don’t want to deal with all the hassle!”

It sounds like a lot of work but Auto Trader Farm make it easy.

With them, you could advertise your old machinery to an audience of over 160,000 potential customers every single month for just under £25.

Some very happy Auto Trader Farm customers have done just that. Farmer Phillip Young sold his old machinery through Auto Trader Farm, he was very pleased as within just a few hours, he had a “handful of good quality interest.”

And, in the end, he managed to sell his Kubota Lawn Tractor within just a week! So, he had the money sitting in his bank, not his yard.

What do you think? Could you be taking advantage of this?

Find out whether you could be earning yourself some more cash with Auto Trader Farm here.

*£15,046 was the average price of a machine on Auto Trader Farm in June 2019