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Founder of On The Tools introduces new community

clock 4 months ago

We sat down with the CEO and co-founder of On The Tools and Tradies, Lee Wilcox, to ask all the burning questions you want to know about the new community, so you can make the most of what’s on offer.

Tradies NFT is a brand new community by On The Tools. Centred on Discord, the aim of the game is to introduce tradespeople to the world of NFTs ready for the web3 revolution. Along the way, there will be giveaways, competitions, and events for the community to participate in.

We sat down with the CEO and co-founder of On The Tools and Tradies, Lee Wilcox, to ask all the burning questions you want to know about the new community, so you can make the most of what’s on offer.

Q: Why did you start Tradies NFT?

A: We started Tradies NFT because tradespeople always get left behind. The pandemic showed this really early on. Merchants were closing, but sites were staying open, and tradespeople were getting sh*t for going to work when all they were doing was trying to keep the country running. They weren’t protected as key workers; they were left in the wind, and they didn’t get any guidance.

We want to make sure that using this new technology and the web3 revolution, tradespeople can adapt early on and they’re not left behind; we want tradespeople to have the same opportunities as the white-collar world. That’s a big part of what Tradies is about.

When something’s not right, we want to be there to change it. When there’s a skill shortage and apprentices aren’t getting opportunities, that’s where we come in. We want to support tradespeople all the way, and this is a big part of it. It will engage younger people, support the older generation to keep up with new technologies, and it’ll be a whole lot of fun!

With On The Tools, we have the exposure and the reach to improve the lives of tradespeople. But with Tradies NFT, we’ll have the bottom-up approach of being able to do that with scale. Making changes in the industry is an On The Tools mission, and Tradies NFT supports that mission immensely.

Q: The bottom-what approach?

A: The bottom-up approach: if a million tradespeople engage with the Tradies NFT community, the messages we’re sending and the potential for change are insanely powerful. The tradespeople can say, ‘this is the technology we want to use. This is how we want to spend our money. This is how we want to get paid. We don’t want umbrella companies anymore, we want a decentralised financial system that’s going to ensure we get paid.’

Let alone ‘get tradespeople more support’, we may be able to change the entire structure of the construction industry in terms of the benefits that tradespeople get. Onboarding a million tradespeople onto Tradies will empower them in the future. We’ll make sure their lives are better.

Q: What makes Tradies different from other NFT projects?

A: There are so many NFT projects that have launched already, and will continue to launch, that emphasise the speculative approach. Project members want to own the NFT for a little bit, and then flip it for some money; they’re there to go in and out.

That’s not everyone, but that’s what the project is there for; they’re there to make money, but the project owners won’t tell you that. The project isn’t being built about community, it’s being built to sell a bunch of artwork and make a ton of money.

That’s not what we want to do. It’s not about speculation, it’s about long term membership, benefits, an exclusive community; they are the traits we’re bringing to Tradies, just like we brought to On The Tools. Our vision has always been about empowering tradespeople and making sure they’re getting the same opportunities as the white-collar world.

Q: Why does all this fancy new technology have to be involved?

A: Tradies is NOT an NFT project that’s built around speculation and risk; it’s a growing community of tradespeople who can access an exclusive membership (the NFT). To get this exclusive membership, you’re going to need a digital wallet or a crypto wallet. This is just a new method we’re using to buy something, like Apple Pay, or PayPal. Not too fancy at all!

However, a big part of onboarding is going to be education. All this technology is going to adapt and it’s adapting faster than anything. We want to make sure tradespeople are ready. Digital wallets and crypto wallets are going to be integrated into everyone’s everyday life, and if we don’t get tradespeople ready, it won’t be missing out on an opportunity, it will be missing out on regular, day-to-day sh*t.

Q: So, what exactly do I get with a Tradies membership?

A: The Tradies Roadmap is a diagram of pretty much everything we’ve got planned for the community; you can check it out here.

The exciting thing about online communities like Tradies is that they’re forever changing and growing, so some specifics might get tweaked along the way, especially when we really get going in season two. Season one, however, is pretty much set in stone. In the first part of season one, a genesis set of tokens will be released. They will always hold a higher value for tradespeople already interacting with Tradies.

The membership will be worth what you pay for it, based on the benefits that you get when you’re a member. Through the first twelve months of holding the membership or NFT, you’ll have access to big giveaways, small giveaways, yearly, monthly, everything. There are also events that you will be able to access for free if you’re holding the NFT.

Q: Aren’t NFTs kind of risky?

A: The Tradies NFT is not something that can drop in value. You can remove yourself from the speculation of NFTs, the concern over buying one, and the thought of the floor price dropping and it being worth nothing.

There’s no way you can lose out on the project because we’re not trying to build a project where people come in and flip things for more money. That’s not to say you can’t finish your membership though…

Q: What if I don’t want my membership anymore?

A: That’s the great thing about NFTs. When you have a gym membership and you want to quit, you cancel your membership, lose out on your money, and that’s it. But, Tradies is a membership that you can sell on to another tradesperson if you want to, and you can choose how much you want to sell it for.

Ultimately, if you don’t want to use your Tradies membership anymore, there are no ongoing fees or monthly subscriptions. You pay one upfront fee to hold the membership, and you hold it until you don’t want to be a part of this community any more, and then you move on.

Q: I’m in! How do I join?

A: Welcome, fellow tradie! You can join our community on Discord here.

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