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January: as told by the trade

clock 7 months ago

We wanted to know what tradespeople REALLY think about January.

  • 71% of builders on Facebook are still going strong with Dry January
  • However, 58% of builders on Instagram didn’t quit the booze in the first place 
  • Only 19% of builders worship the gym, because, let’s face it, being On The Tools is a workout enough!

As the first month of the new year, many see January as a time for fresh starts, watching out for their health, and for getting themselves back in gear after a week of eating nothing but Christmas leftovers. Many also see it as depressing, cold, and the most skint time of the year.

We wanted to know what tradespeople REALLY think about January.

We sent Facebook and Instagram polls out to the On The Tools community, asking about Dry January, exercise, and New Year’s resolutions. This is what you said…


‘Dry January’ is a commitment to give up alcohol for the entire month.

Reducing your alcohol intake, even for a short time, can rapidly lower blood pressure, cholesterol and the risk of diabetes, according to the Royal Free Hospital. (It helps with the skint aspect, too.)

We asked tradespeople in the On The Tools community how Dry January was going.

71.4% of the On The Tools Facebook community and 29.4% of the On The Tools Instagram community told us that it was still going strong!

Just over 20% of our responders started Dry January in good spirits, but may have had a beer or two along the way…

On the other hand, almost 60% of the On The Tools Instagram community never bothered with Dry January in the first place- and the pubs rejoice!

But, there are other ways to spend the month…


… Like getting your fitness in check! Google trends shows that ‘gym’ searches in the UK have been rising steadily over the past month.

But are the tradespeople of the UK hitting the gyms as hard? Turns out, not really! And why would you, when working on the tools can get you all the exercise you’ll ever need?

When we asked whether anyone is focussing on fitness this month, just 19% of respondents told us that they’re always at the gym, whereas 73% replied either “100% NO” or “I have a mate called JIM”.


So, aside from having an alcohol-free month and maybe visiting the gym every now and again, how do tradespeople spend their January? We asked people to tell us if they’ve been making any other New Year’s resolutions, and these are some of our favourite responses:

‘Same as last year: keep doing me!”

“Didn’t have any- can’t break them 👌”

“Don’t need a new year to make better choices”

“Yes… Quit smoking! Day 8 and still going strong!”


Let us know how your January is going and get involved with the conversations by following the On The Tools community.
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