We’ve done it again guys, we won! This time, it wasn’t your votes that got us these awards, but your participation in what was one of our most successful campaigns ever: Jewson’s Future Legends!

We managed to take home the awards for ‘Best Digital Campaign’, ‘Best Social Media Campaign’, and ‘Best Distributor Marketing campaign’ at the Construction Marketing Awards and we couldn’t have done it without everyone who took part in the month-long campaign.

But what was Jewson’s Future Legends?

Well, we were tasked by Jewson to come up with a creative and innovative campaign. Within this, they wanted to show that Jewson is dedicated to supporting the next generation of tradespeople. And from that, ‘Future Legends’ was born!

The campaign, which was designed to engage a younger audience, was delivered through our closed Facebook group ‘On The Tools (16-25 Year Olds). There, we hosted competitions every single day and challenged our audience to do some wacky things including creating Malteser tape measure runs, singing their hearts out in ‘Vanpool Karaoke’ as well as spotting Jewson trucks.

From there, we chose a daily winner who won themselves a host of different prizes. But we didn’t stop there either. Oh no. Instead, all 31 winners (and a friend) were invited to the ‘grand final event’ which was streamed live across Facebook. And, once there, they had one last chance to win and it was certainly a big one! There, they competed to win a holiday to Ibiza for four people!

Not only was this a fantastic campaign for our younger audience, who had daily opportunities to win, but also for Jewson too. Overall, awareness of the Jewson brand was boosted by 54.8% by the campaign. Not only that, but the overall consideration of purchasing at  Jewson has also increased to 51% since the campaign too!

The judges of the event described that the campaign was: “An innovative approach to reach a traditionally hard to contact audience group.”

“A well-targeted campaign which achieved objectives set, with good creative, perfectly suited to the target audience.”

Our CEO Lee added: “I am so proud of the team members who worked on this campaign.”

“And a huge thank you to Jewson!”

“The Future Legends campaign was our biggest campaign to date and we absolutely loved collaborating on it.”

“We look forward to collaborating more and winning many more awards together!”

So once again, a massive thank you to everyone who took part in Future Legends. Without the continued support of our audience, none of this would be possible. So, thank you!