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OTT Smashes the World’s Biggest Fish and Chips Challenge

clock 4 months ago

In Autumn 2021, On The Tools took a windy trip to Cleethorpes pier, where we were the first to try out what could be the most challenging fish and chips challenge in the UK to date.

The challenge

Papa’s Fish and Chips in Cleethorpes is the biggest fish and chip shop in the world, selling award-winning “Britain’s best fish and chips” to thousands of seaside visitors a year.

For the release of their brand new competition- possibly the biggest fish and chip challenge in the UK- On The Tools was invited to consume:

  • 70 oz of battered cod
  • 12 large potatoes
  • An extra-large portion of chips
  • A bowl of curry sauce
  • A bowl of gravy
  • A bowl of baked beans
  • A bowl of mushy peas

The performance

The first-ever participants in the challenge were two On The Tools fans, competing together against Kyle V Food: a professional competitive eater with 50,000 YouTube subscribers.

To make it a fair fight, we gave Kyle his own portion, while our tradesmen split another in half.

“It was difficult to watch, at times, since Kyle began to struggle towards the end of the challenge. But, he did it!”

– Jordan Leeming, video producer

Within an hour and a half, Kyle had eaten his last bite, completely clearing his plate, while the tradesmen were defeated by the challenge and didn’t finish their meals.

The ranking

While the largest portion of fish and chips in the UK, as recorded by the Guinness World Records, weighed 121 lb 3 oz, Papa’s new enormous dish appears to be the largest untimed chippy challenge set for the public to participate in.

Even though Beard Meets Food managed to tackle the Ankers fish and chip challenge (the entire meal weighing 88 oz) in Tamworth in around half an hour, Kyle’s effort of consuming more fish, chips, and sides in an hour and a half smashed all existing records!


Watch the full video here.
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Do you want to see tradespeople take on any other challenges? Send in your suggestions.

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