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Why you should read the women On The Tools white paper

clock 3 months ago

The highly-anticipated Women On The Tools white paper is available for download today!

At On The Tools, we believe that women who work in the construction industry are underrepresented and undervalued: a niche within a niche. So, we created a report about women in the trade, covering everything from discrimination to working conditions, in order to encourage real change.

I have worked for and with construction businesses for over a decade now, and the conversation surrounding diversity in the industry certainly seems to be growing in momentum, with a desire to improve things. 

However, there is still a long way to go. Research such as this is invaluable in order to identify issues that exist within the industry so that they can begin to be addressed. 

This paper represents the incredible tradeswomen who contributed to it. 

I’d like to also take an opportunity to thank the industry supporters and sponsors of this research – your contribution has been invaluable.


– Clare Harding, Brand Director at On The Tools


Here’s a rundown of everything we covered….

Entering the industry.

You’ve no doubt heard about the skills gap in construction, but did you know that one of the main ways we can plug it is by introducing more women into the workforce? We asked consumers of all sexes to tell us how likely they would be to consider a career in construction and more than two-thirds of men told us they were not likely at all. The number of women who told us they would not consider a career in construction was a lot higher.

Then, we asked tradeswomen how they thought we could make a career in construction more attractive to women working outside the industry. You can read about our findings in the report.


There’s a perception of the construction industry as men-dominated, and even sexist. We wanted to find out if this was true. When we asked tradespeople to tell us if they had seen or experienced any discrimination against women in the industry, 78% of UK tradeswomen said that they had.

Then, we explored why and where this discrimination happens and what form it takes, so we can figure out how to stop it. You can read about our findings in the “discrimination” section of the report.

Working conditions.

When it comes to the overall experience of a tradeswoman, working conditions can make a big impact. For example, Rated People told us that women get paid just 72% of what men do on average for trade roles.

When we asked tradeswomen about their salaries, they knew that they were being paid less than tradesmen; only 29.75% of tradeswomen felt that they were paid the same. You can find out more in the “working conditions” section of the report.

Progression & career opportunities.

It’s not all dark and gloomy for women working in the construction industry. When we asked tradeswomen to describe how satisfied they were with their ability to progress in their careers, more than three-quarters told us that they were satisfied, more than satisfied or extremely satisfied with their career. Over a quarter of those were ‘extremely satisfied’. So, it seems that women truly can thrive in construction…

Women who thrive in construction.

Tradespeople, industry supporters, and sponsors of the white paper all referenced ‘role models’ when we asked them what was needed to improve opportunities for women on-site. So, to start off, we included some biographies from successful women working in the industry in the “Spotlight” section of the Women On The Tools White Paper for you to read.


To find out more about what it means to be a woman in the construction industry in 2022, download the Women On The Tools White Paper here.

Want to tell us about your experiences being a woman in construction? Get in touch.

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