Time is precious. And when you’ve got jobs dragging on and on, it can get frustrating that you’re not spending this time elsewhere. Whether it’s with the family or on another job earning some more money. Either way, delays on a job tend to spiral and become a bit of a nightmare.

In fact, research has found that it’s not just the job itself that’s taking up tradespeople’s time, but in fact the preparation and unforeseen circumstances whilst on the job that tend to crop up. From looking for the right tools to unexpected project complications, these factors prevent tradespeople from getting the job done efficiently – and, that’s not accounting for all of the stress that comes along with it too!

Take joiners for example. Fitting a door can not only be stressful but time-consuming, requiring a lot of expertise to ensure it’s done properly. Detailed, methodical measuring, all sorts of tools and several adjustments, make hanging a door not the quickest job to complete! And, no one wants their doors to end up looking like this either:

But, not to worry, that’s where Premdor’s SpeedSet Plus Doorset System comes in!

So, how can it help?

One of the most common problems joiners face is the variations in wall thickness. But, with the SpeedSet Plus doorset, that problem is a thing of the past. Instead, joiners can adjust the width of the lining by +/- 10mm to accommodate these variations. Completely unique to Premdor, this design is suitable for a whole range of applications; from new builds to renovation projects.

Not only that, but you don’t need to be a trained joiner to fit them either! Whatever trade you are, using the SpeedSet Plus doorset could help you earn some extra cash, as the system comes with easy to follow instructions and all of the essentials, enabling installations to take as little as twenty minutes!

So, if you want to earn more money and learn more about Premdor’s Speedset Plus doorset, head over to now.

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