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The things you find on-site

clock 4 months ago

Used knickers anyone? When working on-site, there’s always a chance that you could find something mysterious, salacious, or sometimes just downright creepy.

Take the construction of HS2, for example. Although many may see HS2 as nothing more than a state-of-the-art transport link, construction workers recently discovered a treasure trove of historical artefacts while excavating part of the site in Northamptonshire.

Which got us thinking- what sorts of unreported discoveries have been made by the tradespeople of the On The Tools community on-site? We turned to Instagram to find out…

The general concensus

We asked the On The Tools community on Instagram, “What’s the most interesting thing you’ve found on-site?”

Of course, we had the classics:

“A plumber that admitted he ain’t got a clue with wiring”

“My purpose”

“An electrician sweeping up”

“Tidy sparks”

But the most interesting thing that tradespeople say they find on-site most often? Seems to be mainly NSFW discoveries that we’re sure the owners would rather remain hidden…

“Sh*t wrapped in tin foil!”

“A t*rd that was about 8 inches long. Wish I took some photos!”

“A d**do pray to God it was for a joke…”

“Pair of knickers down the back of a radiator”

The weird and wonderful

As a nation steeped in history, many construction sites in the UK are brimming with hidden treasures just waiting to be discovered.

Some trades gave us an insight into some of their experiences that would surely pique the interest of some archaeologists:

“A hundred-year-old cannonball”

“Original R-White lemonade bottles made out of clay”

“A Remington sniper bullet we think is from WW2”

“A safe from 1895 with old pictures and post cards inside”

And while the following discoveries might not be of vital historical interest, they’re really strange and we want them explained.

“Had a bad stomach, went to go behind a shed, and there was a brand new toilet pan!”

“A dried fish when I lifted up laminate wood floor on a landing”

“A carrot hung with gripple wire on a refurb building”

“It’s random but I found lots of toothbrushes buried.”

How to act

Depending on how significant your find is, construction can sometimes be postponed or shut down completely.

It’s good to be aware of your reporting procedures for situations where you come across what might be bone fragments and burial sites or historical artefacts during construction, and prepare yourself for potential work delays.

Have you found anything weird or wonderful on-site? Let us know!
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