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This new calculator is keeping construction sustainable

clock 3 weeks ago

A new tool, the Embodied Carbon Calculator, has been launched by UK construction company, Turner & Townsend. The new calculator enables tradespeople and their clients to evaluate the embodied carbon emissions of their construction projects.

What does it do?

The Embodied Carbon Calculator was launched as a solution to the built environment sector tackling the need to quantify carbon as well as capital cost when planning and delivering new investments and projects.

“As the industry commits to meeting net zero, we see a fundamental shift in the role of the cost manager to now control and account for the two currencies of construction – cost and carbon.  Through the creation of our new Embodied Carbon Calculator, we can ensure that there is clear integration of these priorities on our clients’ projects.

Patricia Moore, UK Managing Director of Turner & Townsend

The calculator allows cost managers, construction workers, and clients to measure the level of embodied carbon associated with projects. Further benefits of the tool include:

  • The assessment of both the cost and carbon impact of design alternatives, which enables the most effective, value-driven project solutions to be selected
  •  Protection from delays to the pre-construction programme by integrating the assessment of cost and carbon and avoiding the reworking of designs
  • Improving the prospect of achieving the target outcomes for cost and carbon by starting at RIBA Stage 2

Turner & Townsend hope that the tool will ultimately create a market-leading database of global benchmarks and best practices for the construction industry to follow.

How does it work?

The calculator allows the cost managers of the project to benchmark, model, and track the carbon values for project materials across the full cycle of the construction process. 

It is specifically designed to follow established project planning stages, starting from the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) stage 2, and aligns with the following standards:

The calculator also integrates with Taylor & Townsend’s Hive cloud platform which provides the basis for their cost management applications.

Why does it matter?

Since June 2022, changes have been made to Building Regulations in the UK, as announced by the Department for Levelling Up, Homes and Communities (DLUHC) in December 2021.

The changes are being introduced as a step toward achieving the 2025 Future Buildings Standards, which are supporting the country’s commitment to delivering net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

Not only this, but the 2022 Rated People Home Improvement Trends report found that taking environmentally friendly steps in your business can make you more attractive to clients and customers; 43% of homeowners say they would be more likely to choose a tradesperson that’s environmentally friendly and 45% say they want to make their homes more environmentally friendly in 2022.


Read more about the Embodied Carbon Calculator from Turner & Townsend here.
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