Due to the enormity of the construction sector, plant machinery is always sought after. In fact, Auto Trader Plant sees over 215,000 searches per day for used construction machinery, and there are no signs of this slowing down.

However, unfortunately, a big downside to these items being so in demand, is that they are often targeted by thieves. This can be massively inconvenient, it’s not just the expense of the machinery being stolen either, the hold-ups on jobs can also lead to you to lose out on £££.

Of course, we don’t want you out of pocket. So, we’ve teamed up with Auto Trader Plant to help! They’ve put together some top tips on how you can stop your construction machinery from getting robbed:

1. Lock your vehicles up inside.

If you can, keep your vehicles in a lockable garage or building. However, if you can’t find one, it might be worth blocking smaller machinery in using bigger vehicles which are harder to move. Plus, always make sure your vehicles are locked and the keys for them are stored securely.

2. Keep secure with alarms and lighting.

Consider installing security lighting and alarms around the building where your item is stored to warn off any thieves. You could speak to your local dealer for advice about preventative anti-theft devices such as alarms, immobilisers and trackers to find the perfect fit for you. Some trackers can even alert you to movement and direct the police to recover your machinery! So, investing some of these preventative measures could be really worthwhile.

Also, keep your machinery well lit when not in use too. This is much less attractive to thieves than darkness.

3. Use people, people, people!

Having the public around can deter thieves. So, if you can, park your machinery in a public place. Of course, this isn’t always possible. So, if you have to store your machinery in a secluded place, it might be worth also getting a mechanical deterrent.

Industry recognised locking systems on steering and brake systems can delay thieves by several minutes as well, which could be the difference between your thieves being detected.

You could also consider the use of a security company too. Although this is an expensive option, you need to weigh up if it’s worth it.

4. Mark your territory.

Most machinery can be forensically marked to aid identification if it is stolen. Identification marking makes items harder to resell and easier to identify if recovered as well. Plus, forensically marked products can be more easily traced back to you if they are stolen and recovered.

5. Give thieves a warning sign!

Put signs up around your premises warning thieves that you have security measures in place. This could deter thieves if they think they could get caught.

Alongside this, consider crime rates in the area you are storing your machinery. Can you find an alternate site somewhere with lower crime rates?

6. Channel your inner photographer.

Take photos of your machines and their serial numbers along with any identifying marks. This could help you later on down the line if your items are ever stolen and recovered. You’ll need to make sure to store these on the cloud though, you don’t want to lose all your evidence if you drop your phone down the loo!

Auto Trader Plant added: “these are some of our top tips on making sure your machinery is kept safe. But, if your machinery is ever stolen, act quickly and tell the local police and your insurer.”

“If you think you’ve found some stolen machinery, trust your gut. If you spot plant machinery, a large vehicle, or trailer looking suspicious, in an area you wouldn’t expect it to be, or at an unusual time of day, call the police on 101.”

“As one of the UK’s largest online marketplaces for plant machinery, we are committed to making sure that the industry protects itself. All of the items we list come with a free equipment check from The Equipment Register.”

“So, if you’re looking to buy, make sure you visit the UK’s most trusted site for construction machinery buyers.**”

* Auto Trader Website Search data (Feb 2019) from Cognos Analytics.