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Toolstation study proves tradespeople stereotypes are outdated

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Toolstation wanted to uncover the truth behind some of the laziest and most unhelpful stereotypes that tradespeople are subject to.

The survey

Toolstation wanted to uncover the truth behind some of the laziest and most unhelpful stereotypes that tradespeople are subject to.

Toolstation surveyed a Customer Panel of 512 tradespeople and DIYers, polled between 28th April and the 3rd May 2022 to find out what the modern tradesperson is interested in, with an insight into their daily life.


The results of the Toolstation survey indicate that tradespeople are a lot more interested in improving their mental wellbeing, especially as their job can involve long hours and time away from family and friends. 69% of tradespeople think that looking after your mental health is very important, and one in ten tradespeople polled say they have even tried meditation or similar activities.

The survey also shows that 33% of tradespeople surveyed are advocating for additional support for emotional and mental wellbeing. 56% feel that there could be more honest conversations around mental health; 44% think there should be better access to professional treatments; 31% say there should be better support in their place of work.


In terms of physical activity, the results of the Toolstation survey indicated a healthy consensus among tradespeople that exercising is important. 40% of respondents say they try to stay fit for the physical demands of their job; 35% of respondents think tradespeople should take care of their bodies; 8% of respondents do some form of stretching before undertaking any physical tasks.


Ever wondered what a tradesperson does in their free time? Toolstation found out that more than three-quarters (77%) of tradespeople interviewed enjoy reading books; 8% of respondents said they read broadsheets, and 4% of respondents enjoy reading ‘highbrow’ magazines such as The Economist.


When it comes to on-site activities, Toolstation asked tradespeople to tell them about what radio stations they listen to. 30% of respondents say they’re more likely to listen to the BBC than any other station, with 21% opting to listen to BBC Radio Two.


Although the term ‘Builder’s Breakfast’ has become synonymous with greasy food and large portions, the most popular breakfast choice for tradespeople, according to the Toolstation survey, is cereal; 29% of respondents indicated that cereal was their go-to choice to keep them sustained throughout the day. In addition, 23% of tradespeople preferred porridge, 8% opted for muesli and 7% chose Granola as their breakfast of choice.

Greg Richardson, Head of Marketing at Toolstation, says:

“Just as with other professions, those who work in the trades are changing, and our research shows that many of these outdated stereotypes no longer reflect the modern tradesperson.

Work in the sector is often characterised by long unsociable hours, time spent away from family and stresses and strains, so it’s no surprise that staying healthy and spending spare time with the family is top of most trades priorities.”


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