Working in winter can be tough. Especially for those in the trade. Going to work in the dark, coming home in the dark, the freezing temperature messing with sites and materials, it can be an absolute nightmare! And not just for those working outside either.

Oh no, those working on domestic jobs can be faced with plenty of problems working in winter too. Especially the plumbers! So, we decided to team up with City Plumbing to take a look into what are the toughest things about being a plumber in the winter.

The cold!

Unsurprisingly, the cold is a massive issue when working in winter. And not just for those working out in it, for plumbers, they’re often called out to fix someone’s broken boiler or frozen pipes so more often than not, it’s just as cold in the customer’s house as it is outside! There’s nothing worse than trying to get a job done quickly but you’re shaking from the cold too much so it takes you even longer.

And, to make matters even worse as well, when plumbers are called out to fix frozen pipes, they’re likely to have either burst or be close to bursting as well. So, not only are the houses cold but you’re drenched too. Nightmare!


As always in the winter, Christmas is in the back of everyone’s mind. Not only for the customer but for the plumbers too. So, when the unthinkable happens and something goes wrong just before Christmas, it can have devastating consequences. No one wants to call out a professional when they’ve already spent so much money on Christmas.

However, one bad thing about this though is that plumbers then tend to face customers trying to do things ‘on the cheap’. Whether this is through a DIY job or complaining about pricing, it can put the professionals in a tricky situation. Plumbers can’t do things for cheaper just because it’s Christmas. You wouldn’t expect your job to pay you less would you? No. At the end of the day, this job is helping to provide for their family’s Christmas too so homeowners, keep that in mind.

Emergency call outs!

You get home from a busy day, ready to sit down, relax and have some dinner and then you get a call. There’s an emergency. So, your exhausting day is nowhere near over and you end up having to work all sorts of hours to fix any problems.

The cold weather can do all sorts to people’s plumbing and consequently, emergency cases tend to be more common in the winter. Especially when it comes to broken boilers and frozen pipes. To make matters worse, these kinds of emergencies tend to lead to impatient customers too. Understandably, this is a disaster for them and they want the problem fixed as quickly as possible. So, at times, this can lead to customers ending up pestering you to get the job done quicker. Bonus!

City Plumbing added: “Unfortunately, there are certain things about working in winter you just can’t avoid.”

“From the cold to the emergencies, it can be tough. But there’s not much you can do about it.”

“One thing we can help with though is making sure you’re ready for the job in question.”

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So what do you think? Have we missed anything out? What’s the toughest part about working in winter? Let us know in the comments below!