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Tradespeople reveal some of the worst jobs they’ve seen on site

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On this episode of Talking Trade, we asked special guests John Cooper and Adam Fillis to share some of the worst things they have seen on site.


Ronnie O’Sullivan’s driveway massacre

Influencer and bricklayer Adam Fillis (tricky bricky’s) had this to share following some work he did for world class snooker player Ronnie o’sulivan.

Adam: “Me and a couple of guys I worked with did Ronnie O’Sullivan’s driveway. We asked his wife to move the car off the driveway so we could dig it up. She was a bit put out that she had to move her car, so she parked across the other side of the road and within 10 minutes an artic lorry came around the corner, took her car out. It was a brand new mini convertible. We weren’t sure how much it was. Ronnie was actually really cool about it. He was quite placid but oh man, she was vocal”

Wonky brickwork

Renowned quality surveyor John Cooper (New Home Quality Control) has seen some catastrophic events unfold on site. He speaks about a job he was involved with in Wales before he had his own company. 

John: “We were with two bricklayers on a site in Wales before we had this company. On site we could see these bricklayers building buildings. There’s a gang on one half laying bricks and a gang on the other, it’s obviously not going to go well. So we waited till it was finished. when we looked at the back of the building the next day, it came to a window and as it came across, the bricks ended up half and half, completely misaligned, because the brickies were meeting in the middle”

Hidden monster munch?

Obviously not every part of a build will be visible once it’s complete, however John tells us what he found while conducting a cavity search in some decking, clearly someone was saving their lunch for later. 

John: “The funniest thing I found in a cavity search  was on a site in Cardiff. I did the cavity search for this fella, all he cared about was this £15,000 hot tub in the back garden. I put the cavity camera in the decking, I thought I was seeing things, pulled the camera out, dusted it off, put it back in, I saw a multi-bag of monster munch! An unopened multi-pack of 12 monster munch. That’s me done, cavities ruined, I’m off. I couldn’t believe there were crisps in there”

Get in touch if you have any on site nightmares you’d like to share!

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