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Tradespeople vote to support cancer awareness through charity

clock 4 months ago

As is customary, each year, On The Tools looks towards different charity initiatives or organisations to support.

For the last part of 2021, we decided to do things a little differently.

We are well aware that the lifeblood of On The Tools is the community: the hard-working people who make up our members. So, we thought, who better to ask?

In total, over four thousand members voted for their charity of choice, with the results showing a clear winner: the Ben Saunders Foundation.

The charity

In 2020, a talented young footballer named Ben lost a tough battle with cancer aged just 18. But, before his sad passing, Ben and his family set up a charity aiming to support young people and their families impacted by cancer in the UK by providing holidays for teenagers and young adults and support for bereaved parents.

The charity has received support from top footballers and businesses by raising nearly £200,000 in just 12 months. The foundation was also able to purchase a lodge in the Cotswolds, with more lodges planned for the future.

The partnership

At On The Tools, we know that tradespeople are often painted in a negative light in the press or wider world.

But, what we see time and time again is that tradespeople are some of the most kind-hearted, giving people you are likely to meet. During his battle, Ben said:

“I have been fortunate enough throughout my journey so far to have received the support I have… I feel everyone in these circumstances deserves to be given as much support and happiness through the very difficult times they will come across.”

Ben went through an incredibly tough struggle, but through his strength, turned it into a powerful legacy of giving back. It is this that reflects the generosity shown by so many members of the construction industry and makes us so proud to support the foundation.

Co-founder of Electric House and On The Tools, Adam Barrie said:

“We haven’t had a dedicated charity partner before… By having this focus on one partner for the remainder of 2021, we hope to make a real impact.”


Find out more about the Ben Saunders Foundation here.

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