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Where is the best place to work in the UK?

clock 3 months ago

On our last episode of Talking Trade, we opened up the floor to let you have your say and represent your home town; where is the best place to work in the UK?

Host Darcie Richards was joined by guests James and David, both brickies, and pylon painter Paddy to discuss.

Here’s just a small preview of what was covered…


Leeds was named by PBC today as one of the top 5 cities for tradespeople to work in the UK in 2018. Born and bred in Leeds, here’s what bricklayer guest James had to say:

“I feel like in the north, especially around Leeds, people are definitely a lot happier and a lot more friendly. I’ve had experiences in other cities with certain companies that haven’t been as pleasant as any parts of Leeds or any parts of Yorkshire that I’ve worked.”


Although Public Health England in 2020 found out that the general health of people in Nottingham is worse than the England average, Nottingham native Paddy said that in terms of mental health and wellbeing, morale among his tradesperson colleagues is high:

“I don’t work in Nottingham often, but a lot of my friends in Nottingham are in the trade, and they’re flying. There are houses going up everywhere. They’re inundated with work; I think there’s almost too much.”

The South

Startups UK in January 2022 named London 6th best place to work in the UK after Newcastle, Birmingham, Manchester, Sheffield, and Glasgow. So, why does working in the south get so much heat? Here’s what Bricklayer David, who currently lives and works in Epsom, Surrey, has to say about working in the south:

“If I’m going to be honest, the south speaks for itself; we’re never going to be out of work. Obviously, there’s a lot of hate from the north because of that. Personally, I think it’s the best place to work in the UK. There’s more work here, there’s more money, it doesn’t compare. We’re like the Bel Air of England, aren’t we?”


Where do you think the best place to work in the UK is? Why do you think that? Get in touch and let us know.
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