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Wrap up warm on-site with Snickers

clock 7 months ago

Snickers got in touch with us to tell us about their new Baselayer underwear garments as part of its Climate Control clothing range.

Winter workwear: love it or hate it, we all need to wrap up warm on-site.

Although embracing the sunshine in the summer months can be a real pleasure, labouring under the winter elements can prove to be a real challenge. Choosing the right winter workwear for you can make all the difference when it comes to focussing on the job at hand.

Snickers got in touch with us to tell us about their new Baselayer underwear garments as part of its Climate Control clothing range.

“Dressing for the cold is like building a house – start with a good foundation.”

– Snickers Workwear

We know many of you are big workwear fans, so we thought we’d tell you all about it.


The new Baselayer clothing is specially designed by Snickers for tradespeople to keep you dry, warm, and comfortable, whenever you are on site.

The garments are made from high-tech, breathable fabrics which improve ventilation, and body moisture transport is used to improve sustainable warmth and comfort:

“The cutting-edge AllroundWork, FLEXIWork and LITEwork designs and fabrics will keep you warm and dry – so you won’t get cold, wet and shiver.

All the garments are made from quick-drying, fabrics that come with special ventilation features to control and regulate the heat from your body.”

– Snickers Workwear


With sustainability at the forefront of the Workwear’s philosophy, the organisation is devoted to continually improving the longevity of its entire range.

They do this by replacing conventional materials and fibres with more sustainable alternatives, without compromising the quality of the product.

“Garments are available in recycled polyester and merino wool as well as the 37.5® technology ventilating fabric to suit different types of work in a variety of cold and wet weather conditions.”

– Snickers Workwear


What do you think of the new Snickers Workwear?
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